The Ken and Tom Show: Tales From The D


Episode 8: Live! From Rock Island, IL, it’s the ComedySportz World Championships!

July 9, 2015

It's the ComedySportz World Championships LIVE! from Rock Island, IL. We took the show on the road and interviewed ComedySportz folks from around the country (and one from the UK). We spent 5 days in the Quad Cities and it was PHENOMENAL! We drank. We improvised. We mingled. We learned. We bonded. Our guests include Jeff Priskorn, Jacob Bach, John Cooper, Matt Garnis, Jess McCartney, Ryan Mcgillen, Kirk Keevert, Justin Green, Jesse Kunith, Ben Frailey, Jordanna Cole, Sean Paraventi, Matthew Russell, and Glen Abernathy. Enjoy the ride with us!