The Ken and Tom Show: Tales From The D


Episode 14 with Mike Stanley

April 14, 2017

This episode is with stand up comedian Mike Stanley. What a great dude! This was one of my favorite podcasts because Mike is such a likable guy. But you can't follow him on Twitter because he's been BANNED!!! Yes, those damn commie bastards at Twitter have revoked Mike's Twitter account for the forseeable future because he posted a picture of a man with his face planted in a horses ass at the big orange monster in the White House. Oh the humanity! I'll post the picture on our Facebook page as soon as I can find it. We also talk about the stand up circuit in Detroit and around the country and stories of being on the road, including a delightful little ditty about a man smoking crack while getting a blow job in an alley outside of Mike's hotel/motel/no-tell. Download his act on iTunes, drop him a line on Instagram @Mike_Stanley and you can buy a vinyl edition of his album Shiner. Turn on, tune in, and tune out for this episode of Tales from the D with guest Mike Stanley.